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                              "We are professionals with integrity and an emphasis on quality" 

Professional Intelligence Agency, Inc, is a full service background and research company with years of professional investigative experience. We specialize in prime tenancy (L&T), locates, due diligence, pre-employment, asset research, personal background checks and surveillance.

  • Licensed Private Investigator through the New York Department of State
  • Member of IAIPSIG and ALDONYS
  • WBE Certified through NYS & NYC Department of Small Business Services
  • DBE Certified with the NYS Unified Certification Program
"...nothing seems impossible for them. They have located missing heirs for me all over the country and in Europe with little information to start with. They are the best information source I have ever used..."        - Bruce - Retired NYPD Detective 
"...you guys can find Jimmy Hoffa if you wanted to. Amazing!"   
                                                                         - Skip -Real Estate Owner